Events in Milan and surroundings: detail

From January 12 2014 to December 30 2015

local market Via Pietro Calvi Milan - Hotel Vittoria Milan

Shopping among the people and live life happily streets and squares. Who goes to the market in Milan is not just looking for opportunities: browsing here and there, because this is basically the beautiful, you can find everything. Thursday morning, the market trend is in Via Pietro Calvi, a former Via Flame. Fine pashminas and silk cashmere blend, 25 ?, imported from Nepal, are all 'street corner Sottocorno and Friday in wide V Alpini. Jeans Used Levi 's in all sizes, 11 ?, are on the right path to Archimedes. Children's fashion from zero to twelve, romper suits sweatshirts Anna Bassetti to 15 ?, 19 ? to Looney Tunes: from Christian and Alessia, all 'corner with Via Archimede. Designer shoes, all at 75 euro, near Via Melloni, and Saturday at the street market at Fauché 'height of the number 40. Bathroom and kitchen accessories, white china, to 'cross with Via Melloni, Claudio and Adriano into the market in Piazza S. Marco in front of the gas station Monday, Wednesday and Martini in the square in via Fauci, Lausanne street corner Saturday. Three magnificent stands of fresh fish and shellfish, shrimp, lobsters, crabs and shrimp, at a very competitive, are under way Melloni.