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The idea of ​​hospitality evolves

Today, travelers of all kinds, even when they are at their destination, use their smartphones to look for what to do, where to eat, what to see.

Imagine a complete and user-friendly online assistant; a web-app navigable from smartphones and tablets: simple, detailed and with lots of tips. .

Here you will find all the information written by experts of the city : opening hours, the most interesting things to do at the moment, many restaurants to choose from, including that of your hotel.

His experience in the city

icon1 What can I see near my hotel or downtown?

icon1 What to do today or tomorrow: an exhibition, a football match, the museum or the theater?

icon1 What are the shopping areas?

icon1 Is it open or closed?

icon1 Where do I eat?

In the city of Scrollidea

For info and requests on the accommodation

All information of your reception;
suggestions on the best restaurants in the area;
let's live the well-being of our Spa;

Practical information

Getting around by public transport in the city

What kind of ticket should I use

How to call a taxi

… and much more!